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Elevator Technical Office | Kalamaria Thessaloniki

The technical office of elevators Georgiou Ioannis - Pityris Athanasios, having a team of experienced engineers and craftsmen, undertakes the installation of elevators and lifting equipment throughout Thessaloniki. With a call to your space, a study and evaluation of the needs of the space is carried out, taking into account its peculiarities and limitations. 

Maintaining long-term partnerships with the most reliable companies in the field, we propose solutions for the installation of elevators directly and economically in apartment buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, department stores and other businesses. 

Ensure maximum safety, quality and longevity by designing the system that best serves your needs. Our office also undertakes the issuance of a license for your elevator, after the completion of the installation.



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We are at your disposal with safety, quality, flexibility and service 24 hours a day in case of failure.